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We empower
breakthrough ideas

Growth is not a secret, a mystery, or a miracle. It is the result of hard work and true partnership. We know both and we’re ready to help you excel and lead in your industry. We are dedicated to level the playing field of entrepreneurship and make good ideas succeed.

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We draw on years of experience to bring you data-backed ideas and bring them to life

Our approach stands on a mix of hands-on execution work, proactive consulting, and deep-dive team training.

We thrive when we can help you compress many weeks’ worth of work into a single one. We don’t go after shiny new growth hacks but engineer our work around bringing you predictable and scalable growth solutions.

Our dream is for what we build together to outlast and continue bringing you returns in perpetuity.

Our menu of services covers growth, data science, and agile transformation

  • Highly scalable growth teams 
  • Head of growth as a service
  • Experts on demand
  • Process development & acceleration
  • Team training, workshops, and mentorship
  • Innovation and product development
  • MVP creation & idea-validation lab
  • KPI dashboard & data science services

Our approach feels like working with a friend without the baggage


We interface with your team, systems, and tools, but we elevate the growth process to drive an immediate uplift. At any moment, we’re ready to throttle up or down our involvement based on the cadence of your business.

Everything we do is data-driven and transparent to satisfy both the high-clip growth of your product and the skills development of your team. We’re with you to ask questions and challenge ideas. We’re less concerned with pleasing you than doing the best work possible.

The Hypergrowth Collective is our recipe for radical flexibility

The truth is agencies rely on storing human resources and leasing them out to clients. They have fixed costs and are hungry to make their money back by creating client teams that are bloated and often dramatically different from what the project truly needs.

Hypergrowth functions as a collective – so we’re ready to provide the best experts tailored to the task at hand. No more, no less.

We can scale resources as you grow and we can get a key expert on-demand for a specific growth experiment. And we have lots of them!

André Hammen

Founder & CEO

Lisa Venter


Monica Marpole-Bird

Digital Marketing

Marcin Wawrzyniak

Organic Growth

Vassilena Valchanova

Content Marketing

Heinz Grünwald

Growth Strategy

Rabin Nuchtabek

Full Stack Growth

Damiano Ramazzotti


Dimitri Visnadi

Data Analytics

Jennifer Tekneci


Fabien Nieto-Sandoval


Meet with us and we’ll deliver specific experiment ideas for your team


Most “free consultations” are just sales meetings in disguise. This one is different. There’ll be no salespeople on it – mainly because we don’t have any.

You’ll meet our lead growth hacker, your future project manager, or the data scientist who’ll consult on your specific project.

You’ll tell them about your business and current hurdles. And they’ll get share specific experiment ideas applicable to you.