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Dedicated  Growth Specialists


Pankaj Kumar Thakur

Growth and Marketing Expert

Pankaj is a growth and marketing expert, who has spent over a decade pushing the boundaries of what’s possible around digital communication. He’s now in charge of leading the company’s growth and executing its vision of using technology to enable businesses to tell their stories authentically through accessible branding, working across both large corporations and startups.

Mariam Betkhoshvili

Growth and Marketing Expert

Mariam is a growth marketing professional who has assisted businesses in accelerating their growth through experimentation. She now leads the development and enhancement of digital products for Fintech companies, with a focus on increasing client acquisition, activation, engagement, and reducing churn.

Ivica Panic

Growth and Marketing Expert

Creative and performance-driven Digital Marketing Consultant with extensive experience and comprehensive background in evaluating clients’ business and marketing situations, and developing new digital marketing strategies. Effective communicator with a highly professional attitude and extensive knowledge of marketing principles and concepts. A great leader with well-developed teamwork abilities, and extraordinary time management skills and work closely with the decision-makers to deliver the next stage of growth and build brand awareness within their markets.

Kinga Kopycińska

Growth and Marketing Expert

Kinga is a marketing automation specialist with over seven years of experience in lead generation, email marketing, sales enablement and marketing operations in fintech. Passionate about using technology to automate marketing processes and improve customer engagement, she excels at designing and executing marketing campaigns that generate leads and drive sales. Kinga has succesfully driven growth and ROI in various international companies in the fintech industry, from startups to mid-size enterprises, through innovative campaigns.

Tomasz Frączak

Growth and Marketing Expert

Tom is responsible for all paid user acquisition activities and creating a full paid acquisition strategy at OSOM Finance. Developing and managing all PPC lead generation campaigns within Agile environment. Researching, testing and validating advertising platforms available on the market. Working on global PR activities, webinars, and co-hosting a crypto related podcast “Unchained Crypto Insights” alongside OSOM’s Chief Development Officer, Mathieu Hardy.

Marcin Wawrzyniak

Growth Consultant

Developer turned SEO, Organic Growth and Automation Consultant. 10+ years in search industry, working with many household names. Specialises in Technical SEO for platform builds, website migrations, web performance and CRO. Worked with F1, Canon, DHL, GSK, Transferwise, Volvo, ASOS, and Honda among others.

David van Ramshorst

Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital Marketing Specialist with over 10 years experience working in the Internet space, helping brands and startups leverage paid & organic channels to scale profitably fast. Skilled in Digital Marketing, Paid Advertising, Growth Hacking, Marketing Automation, E-Business Development, E-Commerce and Cloud Computing.

Adam Borczynski

Growth and Marketing Expert

Hybrid of a full-stack tech CMO 🚀 & business growth exec. Started in tech/gaming when was 16yo (true story). Worked with leaders of 120+ global brands (21 from Fortune 500), acting as a trusted advisor, marketing strategist, or product builder. Successfully transitioned from consultancy to business, growing companies from inside.

Management & Other Professionals

Fabien Nieto-Sandoval

SEO and Digital Marketing Consultant

Hi, I’m Fabien. I mostly perform in SEO, Content and Link building activities. I have been working both on the agency and client side for over 9 years, working with brands such as GoPro, Bose and Uber. I normally work in English and French, but I also speak Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, and I have lived in 8 different countries. My hobbies include traveling, hiking, yoga, football, tennis, paddling and the musical arts.

Sorina Ratz

Brand Marketing Professional

Ina is a versatile and experienced Brand Marketing professional, passionate about innovation, growth, and customer journey. With a creative approach, she brings the customer from awareness to conversion, consistently placing customer insights at the heart of marketing and business activity. With more than 14 years of experience, Ina successfully created MarCom strategies to build credibility, generate awareness and drive conversions for brands from various B2B, and B2C industries in Europe and the U.S.

Dimitri Visnadi

Data Scientist

Dimitri is a business oriented Data Scientist with industry experience executing data projects at small and large sized companies. After working for a Google partnered consulting company, he decided to start his own data consultancy. He holds a Masters in Data Science and a Bachelor in Business Administration, both giving him a solid foundation for bridging the gap between Business and Tech.

Vesela Yordanova

Project Manager

Aerospace engineer by training, Vesela has spent years working in manufacturing and operations, leading strategic initiatives and building robust processes for renowned aerospace companies and promising start-ups alike. She is a big believer in operational excellence and the importance of growth mindset so she’s taken on this challenge with Hypergrowth on its mission to solve growing companies’ toughest problems.

Albina Hajdari

Executive Assistant

Albina is a versatile virtual assistant with three years of experience in remote working. She is passionate about project and finance management and owns her catering business. After working as an Executive Assistant at the Office of the Prime Minister of Kosovo for a year, she joined Hypergrowth as a virtual assistant to the CEO. She holds a Bachelors degree in Statistics & Entrepreneurship from Rochester Institute of Technology New York.

Enrique Munoz de Cote


Enrique Munoz de Cote is a serial entrepreneur and tech co-founder of Hypergrowth and Dark Matter Ventures (a catalyser of AI and blockchain technologies), a computer science associate professor at INAOE and a member of the board of directors of the Association for Trading Agent Research (ATAR). He’s a recognised Machine Learning scholar who’s authored two books and over 70 papers in the intersection between machine learning, information theory and economics. He has advised and consulted for several VC-backed machine learning startups and scale-ups in industries such as real estate, biotech and insurtech, and has helped the UK government (the Cabinet Office in particular) program machines that can understand their natural language documents.

Andre Hammen

Hypergrowth Acceleration Expert - Founder

Entrepreneur and growth strategist, passionate about building exponential organisations and decentralised ventures.

I help startups and founders to:

  • rapidly bring their product to market
  • quantify product/market fit
  • develop a data driven growth process and culture
  • run fast-paced experimentation cycles
  • implement lean and agile product development processes

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