Dedicated Growth Experts

We’re ready to work alongside your current team to expand their capabilities and to compress many weeks’ worth of work into a few days.

Head of Growth

You have a passionate team ready to roll up their sleeves and start doing. But sometimes you need an outside perspective to determine the right direction.

Our seasoned growth experts will work alongside your team to build your growth strategy and oversee its execution. You will get a new growth plan that enables you to seize new opportunities, as well as a step-by-step implementation roadmap with strategy points that are based on concrete research and pre-defined KPIs.

Finally, your Head of Growth will not just be a team leader but also a team mentor. They will teach and guide your team through the process of rapid-experimentation, so that speed, agility, and analytical thinking become second nature.

Dedicated growth team

Overwhelmed and at capacity? This is all too common – and the reason why we provide full-stack growth teams ready to join you on your journey.

Typically, the team consists of a Head of Growth, Product Manager, Growth Engineer, Growth Designer, Performance Marketer and a Data Analyst. We will discuss your goals and needs to tailor a full-stack team right for the job. They will interface with your organization, making it feel like your growth strategy is being developed and executed in-house.

The team is led by an experienced Head of Growth who will also expand beyond coordinating the full-stack team and participating in leadership meetings and product discussions as needed.

Work approach

Our process is customized to your business goals and state of growth maturity. Overall, we’ll make sure we:

  • Set specific growth goals, define a North Star Metric and OKRs.

  • Match you with the right expert(s) with complementary skills and experience.

  • Grant your team access to our tools, knowledge base, and network.

  • Provide a weekly recap of current OKRs, experiment results and backlog status.

  • Train & transfer knowledge to your key team members.

  • Help with recruiting and building up your internal growth team.

The Hypergrowth collective

The truth is agencies rely on storing human resources and leasing them out to clients. They have fixed costs and are hungry to make their money back by creating client teams that are bloated and often dramatically different from what the project truly needs.

Hypergrowth functions as a collective – so we’re ready to provide the best experts tailored to the task at hand. No more, no less. We can scale resources as you grow and we can get a key expert on-demand for a specific growth experiment. And we have lots of them!

“I know a lot of startup founders and great entrepreneurs who don’t have all the ins and outs of growth figured out. This doesn’t mean they will be less successful – it means they need the right expert partners. Hypergrowth is here to democratize growth skills and to match our expertise with ideas worth scaling. Drop me a line to see if we’re the right match!”

- André Hammen,
Founder and Growth Strategist

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