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Growth Marketer Vetting Process©

We have a thorough vetting process to ensure that we only hire the highest quality Growth Marketing Talent.

Our recruiting team is composed of experienced growth marketing leaders, managers, and subject matter experts who are passionate and driven.


Role Definition

There are over 50 different marketing and growth roles, each with its own specific skills and responsibilities. We can help you define which skills your ideal candidate should have and attract top talent who meets those criteria. 


Value + Culture Fit

We create a value and culture profile of your company and make sure that the candidate does align with your existing principles. Employees who fit well with the company culture and values are often more engaged, productive, and satisfied in their work.


Personality-Role Fit

Does the personality of the candidate fit to the role? In some roles, attention to detail is critical to success, in others it might be willingness to persevere in the face of challenges. It is important to assess whether the candidate's personality aligns with the role and the phase of the company.


Hard- and Soft Skills

While a resume and certificates can provide some information about their hard and soft skills, it is important to also assess their actual skills through testing or other methods. This can help to ensure that the candidate actually possesses the skills that they claim to have and that they are able to demonstrate them in a real-world setting.


Quality Check

To ensure that your standards are met, we conduct check-ins with you and the candidate every two weeks in the first 30 days.


Development and Coaching

Upon request, we can provide development planning for your new hire to help them prepare for their role and any future challenges your company may face. This may include recommending further education or training to help them develop the skills they need to succeed.

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