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We quickly and effortlessly connect startups with elite growth marketers.

We Evaluate Your Needs

There are over 50 different marketing and growth roles, each with its own specific skills and responsibilities. We can help you define which skills your ideal candidate should have.

We create a value and culture profile of your company and make sure that the candidate does align with your existing principles. 

We Search, Match and Vett

We’ll search our network of growth marketing talents to find a suitable match. 

While a resume and certificates can provide some information about their hard and soft skills, it is important to also assess their actual skills through testing or other methods. 

In addition we assess whether the candidate's personality aligns with the role and the stage of the startup.

Hire and Quality Check

To ensure that your standards are met, we conduct check-ins with you and the candidate every two weeks in the first 30 days.

Upon request, we can provide development planning for your new hire to help them prepare for their role and any future challenges your company may face. This may include recommending further education or training.

Why We Are Better Equipped to Identify
Top Growth Talent Than Recruiters?


Our team members have a wealth of experience, with each having over 10 years of experience in building and managing growth and digital marketing teams for a range of companies, from small startups to well-established tech firms.


Through years of experience with recruiting, we have honed our processes and developed systems to efficiently assess candidates.

We have learned how to quickly evaluate their skills and personality to determine their fit for a role.


Our expertise in digital marketing and growth allows us to thoroughly evaluate candidates for their suitability in a startup environment.

We are able to identify key personality traits and skills that are crucial for success in this setting.

Existing and Previous Clients


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Online travel agency and metasearch engine


Metasearch engine and travel agency.


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Decentralized Insurance Protocol

Hello, I am Andre!

Growth strategist and founder at an international growth consultancy accelerating and scaling Fintech startups. Passionate about building exponential organizations and ventures.

I help startups to bring their product to market, develop a data driven growth and experimentation process and culture, run fast-paced experimentation cycles, implement lean and agile product development processes.

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Hello, I am Heinz!

Startup Founder, Interim CMO and Growth Marketing Leader with more than 15 years experience.

During the last years I have been building, leading and re-structuring growth teams up to 25 team-members and budgets from practically 0 to 10+ million USD.

Having worked in and with early stage startups as well as fast-paced scale-ups, this gave me experience across all growth stages.

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Building and Leading Growth Teams

15 years of condensed knowledge building successful digital marketing and growth teams.

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